Relationships Build Business.                                                                                                       Build Relationships . . . Make more money. 

 Relationships build business. Build relationships . . . Make more money.


 Mesmerizing—even magical learning with music, video, and incredible stories!

Relationships build business. If you want to have a Rock Star business, you and every member of your business must know how attract, develop, and maintain relationships. Relationships make THE WINNING DIFFERENCE in every business.  

Why do some people with the same educational backgrounds and technical skills as others make it to the top while the rest do not? 

What made THE WINNING DIFFERENCE in the peak performance of the most successful people on the planet? What did rock stars in every field do to beat the competition in business, healthcare, sports, and entertainment? HOW DID THEY DO IT?  

If you and your business want to achieve peak performance, find out what actions peak performers took that made the winning difference—and take the same actions. Jane Hight McMurry takes the guesswork out of what winners did teaching step by step how they did it to make the winning difference in your business. You’ll learn 10 actions beyond education and technical skills that accelerate peak performance—frontline to CEO.                                                                                          

Relationships Build Business.                                                                                                                    Build Relationships . . . Make more money.

Three words describe Jane Hight McMurry. Exciting. Fascinating. Fun. Jane teaches how to build relationships to build business by taking audiences on an adventure using stories, music, and video. Unforgettable learning experiences teach how to build relationships to build business. You’ll have fun learning actions that make your life easier as you win top results in business

Relationships Build Business. Build Relationships . . . Make more money.

Jane Hight McMurry teaches how to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS so you can BUILD BUSINESS and make more money. 

An experienced educator and captivating story-teller, audiences are hooked early as Jane weaves content-rich information with mesmerizing video, music, and stories about sport, celebrity, and prominent business figures so audiences stay engaged and absorb strategies they can immediately use to win in business and in life. 

A best selling author, Hight McMurry is internationally recognized for her ground breaking leadership book, Elegant durch den Business-Dschungel, taught at the Universities of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Wilmington, BB&T University, and studied in England (Oxford University). A fascinating speaker with an exciting program guaranteed to accelerate growth and change.

Audiences. Customized.  

        Personalized for your industry with examples your audience can relate to with new knowledge they can apply to build business, boost the bottom line, accelerate productivity, enhance workplace harmony, and reach goals by building relationships. 

Presentations guaranteed. 

        Your team of professionals will leave humming with new skills to immediately make The Difference in their professional and personal lives. Jane is ASCAP licensed—all programs include music.                

If you want ordinary results call an ordinary speaker.

If you want EXTRAORDINARY results call JANE.


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