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How A-List Athletes, Celebrities, and CEOs Won the Game, the Gig, and the Job

If you want to win extraordinary results in business and in life, find out what actions winners took that made The Difference and take the same actions. The Difference removes the guesswork teaching HOW. Music, video, and fascinating first-hand stories about legendary winners make this a program you don’t want to miss! 

Learn secrets of the most successful people on the planet!                                                                                Includes music, video, and stories about famous figures to educate, engage, and entertain including Jim Valvano, Sarah Blakely (Founder SPANX/1st female CEO billionaire), Sam Walton, Michael Jordan, Carlos Santana, Misty Copeland (American Ballet Theatre’s 1st female Afro-American principal dancer), Michael Phelps, Joshua Bell, Oprah, and more.  Stories, video, music customized for your group and educational goals to make The Difference in your business.          

Audience: All—entry level to CEO! 

  • Keynote overviews actions that make The Difference in winning top results—customized for your business.
  • Breakout sessions provide deep dive training to guarantee mastery of actionable skills—customized for your business.  
  • Based on forthcoming book The Difference. (2017)

NAVIGATING THE NETWORKING JUNGLE                                                                                          How to Network to Attract, Develop and Maintain Business

Gain connector skills that will make The Difference in your business. This program teaches 10 skills to make Networking relationships easy.

Benefits: You will have the skills of you need to attract, develop, and maintain relationships.

What you will learn:

1. How to create a personae that will attract business.

2. How to prepare for business and social networking events that lead to business. 

3. What to do at meetings and networking events to be recognized as a competent professional.

4. How to network at business and social events.

5. How to correctly use business cards. 

6. How to develop a message in 3 seconds, 30 seconds, and 3 minutes to open dialogue, create interest, and generate business.

7. How to make conversation that will lead to business.

8. How to avoid sabotaging business by knowing what not to say.

9.  How to deal with uncomfortable conversations.

10. How to follow-up with new and old contacts after networking events that will lead to business.

 Navigating the Personality Jungle                                                                                            Social & Professional Versatility

This unique educational program focuses on how to recognize and effectively communicate with the 4 major personality styles so you can easily sell your product, service or idea, increase productivity, and create harmony in your personal and professional life. Fascinating stories about well-known celebrity, sport, and entertainment figures educate, engage, and entertain while making teaching points memorable. Guaranteed fun learning how to read, understand, and flex to different personality styles so you can get what you and your business want, need, and deserve! (30 min to 2 hrs)

Learn to harmonize with the Four Personalities to make The Difference you need to sell your products, services, and ideas.


Participants learn how to read, understand, and flex to different personality styles in order to work more effectively. The value is that this training will increase production and create harmony in relationships. 

What you will learn:

1. How to easily identify various personality styles—yours and others.

2. How to understand yourself in relation to others.

3. How to demonstrate your understanding of others.

4. How to  flex your personal style to the style of others without compromising your integrity to create rapport and to develop a positive atmosphere in order to effectively work and communicate with others.

5. What you need to do to achieve goals working with multiple personality styles on a team.

6. How to define and refine your personal traits so others will want to work with you.                                                                                                                                                                       

     Speaker California Women’s Leadership Conference Largest in USA 3400 attendees                                                                                 

TOPPERMOST OF THE POPPERMOST                                                                                      How to Create a Hit List for Rock Star Results

Learn what you can do to make your goals a reality. The Beatles’ goal was to be “Bigger than Elvis and attract a lot of girls.” You’ll learn to set clear goals and what you must do to create positive change just like The Beatles who went from being just another struggling rock band to being Bigger than “The King,” successfully attracting “A LOT of Girls,” and making a whole lotta money! You will learn how to set goals, create a written plan, and what to do to accomplish goals.                           (30 min to 2 hrs)        



An unforgettable time management program chocked full of tips and music by Jim Croce, The Byrds, Hootie and The Blowfish and other popular artists. You’ll leave humming with fresh ideas about managing your time for personal and professional success. Sure-fire strategies to take control of your time—and your life.   (30 min to 2 hrs)


dining and dealingdiningwin79700012

Leadership savvy—everything you need to know to shine at any business or social event. Essential training for executives who need to reflect business with the impeccable polish of a diplomat. Participants and their spouses who use dining for relationship building and aspire to lead at the highest levels can learn to tame the table with an enjoyable add-on dining event. Humor and history with a fork includes music, stories, and hands-on action making this the most fascinating dining experience they’ll ever have!

NAVIGATING THE LIPSTICK JUNGLE                                                                                             Go from Plain Jane to Getting What You Want, Need, and Deserve! 

Lipstick Front cover 5.31.11 1

A  business skills safari especially for women teaching what they need to know beyond education and technical training to survive and succeed at the highest level in the corporate lipstick jungle. Leadership success customized for women.  

Details: See Women’s Leadership


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